My name is Dan Grahn.

And I research AI.



LLMs are increasingly capable of generating code, but this code is far from safe to deploy. How can we use AI to secure software that is written by human and mahcines?

AI Ethics

We are experiencing an epochal change in humanity's technological abilities. As we approach this new industrial revolution, how can we ethical and responsibly deploy AI to ensure we maximize benefits while minimizing costs?

Explainable AI & Trust

It's hard to understand the applied statistics of deep learning. It's even harder to trust those statistics with driving a car or flying a plane. How do we allow AI users to build trust in these systems?

Graph-Based Learning

Graphs are beautifully general data structures which can store any type of information, from binary call graphs to social networks. Traditional AI techniques aren't designed to operate on graphs. So how do we overcome this limitation?

Big Data Management

When you work with AI long enough, you'll encounter a data set that's too big for traditional tools. How we store, manage, and analyze that data is critical. So what is the best and most cost effective way to do that?


  • Code Execution Capability as a Metric for Machine Learning&en;Assisted Software Vulnerability Detection. Daniel Grahn, Lingwei Chen, Junjie Zhang. International Symposium on Intelligent and Trustworthy Computing, Communications, and Networking. Conference Invited
  • Assessing the Overlap of the DoD RAI Intiatives with the NIST AI RMF. Daniel Grahn. Military Operations Research Society 91st Symposium. Conference
  • Panel Discussion on Data and Information Fusion Techniques to Enhance Digital Twin Applications. Daniel Grahn, et. al. SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing, Signal Processing, Sensor/Information Fusion, and Target Recognition XXXII. Conference Invited
2020 & Earlier


Ph.D. Wright State University Computer Science 2023
M.S. University of Southern California Computer Science 2018
B.S. Cedarville University Computer Science, Minor in Mathematics 2013


Altamira Technologies Principal AI Scientist 2020–
Northrop Grumman AI Researcher, Principal Software Engineer 2013–2019
Wright State University Adjunct Instructor 2019–2019
Air Force Institute of Technology Adjunct Instructor 2018–2018
Air Force Institute of Technology Research Assistant 2011–2013
Escape Plan Design Web Applications Lead 2009–2011
Main-1-Media Web Team Lead 2006–2009

Teaching Experience

CS-1160 - Introduction to Computer Programming Wright State University Fa21, Sp22, Fa22, Sp23
CEG-2170 - Introduction to C for Scientist and Engineers Wright State University Fa19
CS-589 - Operating Systems Air Force Institute of Technology Su18